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Tax Minimization Strategies


We focus on tax minimization planning and will help you find the best vehicle to help reduce your taxes and give you the best chance for tax-free income in retirement. We work with tax attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and CPAs to ensure the most accurate tax strategies can be implemented to take advantage of existing tax codes and regulations that change regularly.*

* The specialized information we provide regarding tax minimization planning is not intended to (and cannot) be used by anyone to avoid paying federal, state, or local municipalities taxes or penalties. You should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor as tax laws are subject to interpretation, legislative changes and unique to every specific taxpayer’s particular set of facts and circumstances.


On non-qualified accounts, we employ tax-saving strategies to reduce unnecessary taxable income to avoid jumping brackets due to capital gains and dividends. We have access to strategies where we can move between funds and fund families without creating capital gains or dividends. Normally, selling or moving from one family to another creates a taxable event and could cause tax related problems as a result.

Tax-loss harvesting evaluates a portfolio’s total invested positions and sees if any short-term losses can be taken on an annual basis to limit tax exposure. We will coordinate with your current CPAs and attorneys to verify strategies that will work properly in your financial situation. If you do not have a CPA or an attorney, we will recommend one to you and connect you with them. Current tax returns show substantial tax risk due to capital gains and dividends if no losses are available to offset those gains.

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